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These are the four teensy (two are haiku) things I wrote for [ profile] hdotp's Comment Meme! I'm posting them all here, but please read and comment only one what you want to -- I seriously will not be offended if you like one haiku and don't care for the rest, for instance. I just wanted these here on my journal, and it feels weird to do four separate posts, when the longest thing here is 150 words. ;-)

So partake as you will, enjoy, and follow the username link to get to the Meme itself and see all the pretty things people made. (The Harry Blanket art by [ profile] dustmouth is my very favorite and I seriously need to properly rec it, because OMG<3333!)

Title: Thirst
Rating: PG

for me, he hungers.
it's easy: all want, not need.
but I, for him, thirst.

Title: his wings
Rating: PG-13

fleck of dirt on tufts
weightless as sunrise. beckoned,
i touch, i defile.

Rating: R
Words: 100
Content: handjob

"Look at how you weep for it," Harry whispered, and Draco sagged back against his body. "Keep your eyes open," he admonished when Draco's lashes fluttered.

Harry's rough palm cradled Draco's cock, his fingers moving gentle over the head with every slow tug. Draco's trousers were barely shoved down, his shirt drawn up so that they both could watch the desperate breaths he took.

Harry reached forward and wiped the shower steam off the mirror again, and with the next sure squeeze of Harry's fist, Draco found Harry's sharp gaze in their reflection and came all over the slick glass.

Title: Not Now, H-h--Potter
Rating: NC-17
Words: 150
Content: anal sex

"Leave them on," Draco panted. Yeah, he knocked into them when they kissed, but bloody hell, they were to the shagging part, and Draco was in there, and he was close even, and there's Potter trying to wrangle his glasses off his face mid-fuck, and come on, you know?

"But…they're…" Potter tried.

"Shut it, I'm coming," Draco sighed.

"Oh," Potter said. And thank bloody Merlin he left off the glasses and rested his hands on Draco's pounding hips instead.

"Christ, Harry," Draco grit out as he spilled deep.

Potter gave him one of those ridiculous smiles that meant Draco had fucking said his name again.


Draco, still panting, rolled his eyes and leaned down. Potter's smile became a gasp as Draco's cock pushed all the way in with the motion. Then Draco tilted his head, knocked into the glasses only once, and then sealed their mouths in a kiss.

Thank you for reading! <3
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