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Day 2
In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

I'm going to try to do ones my flist hasn't already done (AO3 and daily_deviant in particular even though they're both fantastic).

[ profile] hd_tropes -- because it was a really well-run fest that turned out some amazing stuff and also gave me the chance to write a trope I'd been wanting to but had shied away from precisely because it *was* a trope. Kudos to [ profile] marianna_merlo and [ profile] kedavranox for running the fest so awesomely. It was a great experience, and I'd love to participate again.

[ profile] hp_3somes -- because there just needs to be more threesome/moresome fic in the world! Maybe it's because I'm writing a moresome right now that this is coming up for me, but I'm really grateful a comm like this exists for all kinds of HP combinations. And while I'm not sure if they're going to have a fest like last year's, I loved participating in it and would definitely want to do something like that again some time.

[ profile] quibbler_report -- which consistently reports on great rarepair stories and art in HP fandom. I've read and seen some really great stuff from watching this comm that I would never have come across otherwise. Plus, every time I get recc'd there, I squee a little bit. ;-)
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Title: At the Edge of the Crossroads and Leaning
Author: [ profile] traintracks
Threesome: Draco/Hermione/Harry
Additional Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Harry, (Hermione/Ron)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,780
Contains (Highlight to view): *prostitution, double/triple penetration, BDSM and D/s elements (including some bondage and blindfolding), use of Lust Potion, scarring from a past burn*
Notes: This was a gift for [ profile] rzzmg at [ profile] hp_3somes's gift exchange fest. I feel really lucky to have gotten to pinch hit and write for prompts I considered both challenging and inspirational! Beta thanks to the wonderful [ profile] elrhiarhodan! Also, major thanks to [ profile] sdkshelly for a fic-saving suggestion in the 11th hour.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Summary: When Harry sees something he shouldn't in the Pensieve, it changes his relationship with Hermione (and Draco Malfoy's life) forever.

At the Edge of the Crossroads and Leaning )
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Title: Announcing Your Place in the Family of Things
Author: [ profile] traintracks
Threesome: Teddy/James/Scorpius
Additional Pairings: James/Scorpius, Teddy/James, (*background Harry/Draco* [highlight to read])
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,765
Contains (Highlight to view): *implied infidelity (background), not-quite-incest, dub-con (sort of). I tried to use as many prompts as possible. I managed: first time, falling in love, figuring things out, families, aurors, heavy magic, arguments, walking out, amnesia, running out of time *
Notes: This was written as a gift for [ profile] tryslora for the [ profile] hp_3somes gift exchange. Enormous gratitude to my astoundingly awesome beta, [ profile] sdkshelly and to [ profile] elrhiarhodan who gave this story love enough to grow into what it is. The title is taken from the Mary Oliver poem, "Wild Geese".
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Summary: When an unknown spell gives Teddy amnesia, and he can't remember what his relationship with James Potter ought to feel like, James' boyfriend, Scorpius Malfoy, hatches a plot to finally get James into bed with his secret first love.

Announcing Your Place in the Family of Things, Part One )

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Title: Announcing Your Place in the Family of Things
Author: [ profile] traintracks
Threesome: Teddy/James/Scorpius
Additional Pairings: James/Scorpius, Teddy/James, (*background Harry/Draco* [highlight to read])
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,765

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Announcing Your Place in the Family of Things, Part Two )
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First off, [ profile] kitty_fic is the one who wrote my awesome gift, Dirty Little Secret!

I wrote:

Announcing Your Place in the Family of Things Teddy/James/Scorpius, NC-17, 15,765 words


At the Edge of The Crossroads and Leaning Harry/Hermione/Draco, NC-17, 6,750 words

And I'm so incredibly awed and touched by all the amazing comments each story has gotten. Like blown away really. I'll be replying to them (and squeeing) today and tomorrow and such, and then I'll be reposting both stories here in a few days or a week or so.

Also, it is SO COOL to finally see who wrote what, OMG! Y'all are AWESOME!!!

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OH! Oh my! :-DD My gift just posted to [ profile] hp_3somes, and it's WONDERFUL!! Everybody go read:

Dirty Little Secret, by Currently Anon, Teddy/James/Al, NC-17, 3,679 words.

Summary: Albus is tired of being the dirty little secret and watching James and Teddy together with their heads close and sharing a laugh over the dinner table sets Albus' blood aflame. When the jealousy gets to be too much, Albus decides it's time to go in search of his two wayward lovers.

Mystery Author rocked out, God, I don't even know how many of my kinks/requests! This is maybe my favorite threesome EVER, plus there is sex during a family gathering, secret sex/relationships, a little D/s, incest, LOVE, LOVE, and oh yeah, LOVE.

The boys are so sweet and wonderful. They're hot and flawed and sexy and jealous and beautiful. The sex is so very hot, but the best part is how they all fit together, how they want to be open about their relationship, because it's love for goodness sake.

This is just absolutely lovely. Please go check it out and give my Mystery Author some well-deserved props!
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Happy Sunday! Today, three GORGEOUS recs to make your whole week:

The Beginning and the End (and After) by Currently Anon at [ profile] hd_remix, Harry/Draco (mentions of past Harry/Ginny), R, 3,130 words.

Summary: Harry touched Draco with such familiarity, as if he'd been doing it for years, as if it was nothing—and yet it was everything.

Separately, the boys in this are flawed, in character, brilliant. Poor Draco is confused, angry, in love. Harry, Merlin bless him, fucks up, but his feelings for Draco, when they're together, shine so beautifully -- he gives everything so unselfconsciously. The angst is lovely, the coming together is joyful and hot, and the last two lines are just stellar.

Wicked Game by [ profile] torino10154, Ron/Lily Luna, canon Ron/Hermione, Lily/OMC implied, NC-17, 2,340 words.

Summary: Harry was left to ponder in silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge. ~"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

In a word? HHHHHOMG! I mean this is HOT! This is sweaty, dirty-talking, lewd, fantastic WRONGNESS, and I loved every word! Ron is such a DIRTY old man (but also kind of brainless, and who wouldn't be in this situation, I ask you?) and Lily Luna is Machiavellian and delicious. I've never seen this pairing before, and now Torino's got me hooked. Scorching, this!

Like Heaven by Currently Anon at [ profile] hp_3somes, Teddy/Albus/James, NC-17, 2,900 words.

Summary: In which a boys' night out turns into a boys' night in and gives James an opportunity the likes of which he's never dreamed. (Except when he has.)

There's really so much to say about this phenomenal little story, that I don't know where to start. The structure of the story itself is artistic, the psychology is smart, the emotions are palpable. Each character brings his own beauty to the table: Teddy is confident, warm, dirty, and loving. Al is shy, mischievous, horny, and adorable. James is conflicted, haunted, sweet, and in love. Together...well, the sex is OFF THE CHARTS HOT, but that's not even what I loved most about this story (and fucking hell did I love that!!!) What I loved the most is that this, as I said in the comments, is a real love story that just happens to be told through porn. I ached for James and Al to be together. I was so grateful to Teddy, even while I wanted to LICK HIS WHOLE BODY, and in the end, my heart ached as much as the rest of me for how gorgeous they all are with one another.

I'll come back to this story again and again.
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So much goodness! Some hotness for your Hump Day:

On the other side of the mirror by [ profile] leashy_bebes, James/Teddy, NC-17, 4,500 words.

Summary: Al wasn't expecting this, but he certainly isn't leaving once he sees.

The author says this is James/Teddy (and it is). I say it is just as much James/Al -- and hallelujah! This is one of those stories where the psychology of the sex is as hot as the sex itself. I literally wanted to squirm in my seat with how awesome this was, how perfectly rendered at times. Everyone fits their roles brilliantly. James is this beautiful, open sub to Teddy's hotter'n HELL Dom, but together, as a couple, they are just beautiful: trusting, intimate, enamored. And Al watching... AL WATCHING! Getting off as much on his brother...more on his brother...than on Teddy (who is gigantically hot in this)... Well, the dynamics in this story, all of them, had me from the start and kept me through to the end.

I Did Say Yes by Currently Anon [ profile] cleodoxa on [ profile] hp_3somes, Sirius/Regulus/Remus, NC-17, 8,805 words.

Summary: AU set during Order of the Phoenix. Sirius is unhappy and Remus wonders if he ought to be able to reach him more. Regulus turns up alive and things begin to change.

Such a clever, smart, uniquely written HOT PIECE OF ACTION. What I love about it is that the action sneaks up on you. When I write UST, I tend to scatter that feeling around from almost the beginning. This doesn't, and I found I really, really liked that! I loved the suddenness (but inevitability) of the UST and how that slid into 'Do you want to?' and 'Yes. I want to fuck you.' But before the 'Yes. I want to fuck you,' there's just all this delicious psychology and why are you here and what am I and what are we and what the bloody hell is going on and who the hell is Harry Potter anyway and what the war was like for me and what being dead was like for me and what being a werewolf is like when you're an introvert and aren't you lonely? All of it is beautifully written -- and the sex is on fire. I'm quite a fan of Remus Lupin -- he's lovely. But I just have to say Sirius/Regulus FTFW -- UNF!

So yes. Read all the delicious words. :-D
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It's all about the sex today. When is it not?

Push and Pull by Currently Anon, Albus/James/Scorpius/Teddy (in various combinations), 3250 words, NC-17. This posted today over on [ profile] hp_3somes.

My reasons for reccing are that it's just so fantastically carnal. It hits several of my kinks (sloppy seconds [THIRDS, FTW!!!], incest, secret sex), and whereas the moresome is nearly bullet-proof for me as it is, bad writing can ruin ANY pairing, right? This is not bad writing. This is very good writing. This is hit-your-bunk-right-the-hell-NOW. This is delicious.

Safehouse Secrets by [ profile] gypsyflame, Ron/Draco; background Ron/Hermione and Harry/Draco, 3,347 words, NC-17. Originally posted for [ profile] hp_humpdrabbles.

My reasons for reccing are HOMG! The writing itself is masterful. I've never really ever been quite convinced of Ron/Draco. Except for this beautiful thing, which I would qualify as more than background H/D, honestly. It's the canon-ness of the Hermione/Ron, the Harry/Draco, and the Hermione & Harry (and the Firewhiskey) that lends credence to this very plausible (and as it turns out, incredibly HOT) situation. It's rare that I read a fic and then immediately go friend the author. I totally just did that here.

Two Recs

Feb. 17th, 2013 04:41 pm
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Happy Sunday!

Have some recs!

First is something I never thought I'd rec: Zombie Fic! Ficlet to be more precise, and this little piece will leave you aching for more and yet also hoping never to actually see the outcome. [personal profile] sdkshelly has written a moving and lovely and hot-sad (new word!) story that's simultaneously so chilling and so loving, it boggles me in amazing ways. It's also Harry/Teddy, and who can resist that, I ask?

Falling Down

Next, this wonderful offering by Currently Anonymous over at the [community profile] hp_3somes gift exchange just hasn't gotten enough love yet. If you're like me, you may see a threesome you wouldn't normally read (Seamus/Luna/Neville -- [or maybe you would and yay for you!]) and the word count (9k) and decide against it, because it's not your OT3 or what have you. Don't. It's bloody brilliant. So well-written with complex characters, super hot UST (and hot action as well!), and a lovely complicated little post-war world:

The Bad Luck Club

So go and read and give the authors some well-earned praise. :-)
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I need a good threesome icon, no? Just imagine someone else of your choice down in the nether regions, all right?

I know that everyone I know already knows about this, but it bares bears repeating that sign-ups are almost over at [ profile] hp_3somes for the big, awesome fic exchange!

So get yer fanny over and do it!  Why are you waiting?  Are you scared?  I'm scared, too.  But I'm doing it.  Peer pressure!!!!!

Seriously, though.  Do it.

Do it.


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