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You guys know me. Um, HELL YES PLEASE!

come join [ profile] hp_crossgenfest!

Art by [ profile] thiliart, Banner by [ profile] capitu

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This. Did it. Done. Turned it in!!!!

Prompting for the [ profile] dracotops_harry Fest is Open!

Art by [ profile] luoo, banner by [ profile] corona_0304.

Fest Rules | Leave Your Prompts Here | Join [ profile] dracotops_harry

Here's a little pimp for spice. Although, it's for prompting, I see. Ah well. ;-)



Feb. 26th, 2014 11:28 am
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That is all.


Like, WHOA.

Jan. 2nd, 2014 08:18 pm
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Harry Bang Banner 1

The longest story I've written for this fandom was 44k, so yeah, I don't even know, but...LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HOT BANNER OMG!!! He makes me feel like maybe I *could* hit 50k! LOL!!!

Come on, guys! Even if you end up not signing up, join and support two terrific ladies, [ profile] writcraft and [ profile] queenie_mab, in their quest for super long stories about The Boy We Love. <3
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Woot! My first time participating and I can't wait to see what people have written! :-D

KK2013 Twilight-Venturous Banner Small

Come check out the awesome, starting TOMORROW!!!!!
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Title: Filthy
Author: [ profile] traintracks for [ profile] charlieficathon's prompt fest going on now!
Pairings: Charlie/Teddy, Charlie/Bill UST, (Teddy/Victoire, some Bill/Teddy UST, because who wouldn't have UST with Teddy Lupin??? This ficlet is primarily Bill/Charlie, though, really.)
Rating: R
Warnings: infidelity, incestuous UST, name-calling
Words: ~500

Read there...

...or here. )
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Just a little signal-boosting note to let everyone know who isn't following it yet that [ profile] hp_halloween is posting! All the drabbles that are fit to print flood in today and make Hallowe'en feel a bit like Christmas!

Join in and enjoy the bite-sized gems!
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So, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, [ profile] samhain_smut starts posting TOMORROW!!!! This will be my first time participating in this fest, and I'm way excited for it! Clicky!!!

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I can't write it to save my own life, but I fully support sending this fest a ton of love!!!

Last day for prompting! So if you've got it in you, go share it!
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I'm a few days late to pimp this, but here tis:

And there is the sweetest little photographic Padfoot and Crookshanks story, Special Friends, up today! It's simple and adorable and it will make you smile. <3
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Get your arse over to [ profile] hp_halloween and sign up! It's only 200 words! \o/

Sign-ups are RIGHT HERE!
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Scarily, I have committed to another thing. I blame this GORGEOUS banner!

I am maybe mad. But so is Sirius, yes?
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After a long dry spell, I totally just signed up for another fest! \o/ This one is way relaxed and looks like it's going to be really fun. Come check out the prompts (you can change what you don't like about them, write a different pairing or moresome than the prompt suggests, make a het prompt slash, a slash prompt femslash, turn a pairing into a solo act of hedonism, etc. Like I said, very laid back)!

So come get your rare pair Autumnal smut on! :-D
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Okay, I am doing this:

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[ profile] hp_halloween is posting!!!

Get thee to the double drabbles post haste!  \o/
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I need a good threesome icon, no? Just imagine someone else of your choice down in the nether regions, all right?

I know that everyone I know already knows about this, but it bares bears repeating that sign-ups are almost over at [ profile] hp_3somes for the big, awesome fic exchange!

So get yer fanny over and do it!  Why are you waiting?  Are you scared?  I'm scared, too.  But I'm doing it.  Peer pressure!!!!!

Seriously, though.  Do it.

Do it.
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I know I don't have very many friends, but the ones I have so far are AWESOME.  And I'll tell you something else that is awesome:

[ profile] au_bigbang!!!!!

Posting begins soon, so get over there and watch or join or whateverthefuck so that you can read the yummy!  My posting date is August 14th, and I've written a 40k Sirius/Harry rewriting of Half-Blood Prince with Sirius alive.  There's ACTION; there's HUMOR; there's LOVE; there's MAJOR SEX ACTS; there's ANGST; there's SPECTACULAR ART by [ profile] lonewined

My humble thanks in advance for all who delve in and read!


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