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Title: Addict
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: R
Words: 100x2
Written for: [community profile] harry100's prompt, "spooky", although it reads like I misread the prompt as "angsty".
Warnings: Angst, godfather/godson, chan (Harry's age unspecified)
A/N: Not a happy ending, this. Not, like, character death or anything, but definitely a bit of a downer. Maybe I'll try to do another one that's happy for this prompt this weekend.

Sirius’ new hideout is the passage from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade. It’s dark, damp, awful… Yet it’s worth it when Harry shows up in the cloak. First he’ll hear the footsteps and start, sticking close to the shadows, spooked. But then Sirius feels the hands reaching out, finding him, drawing him under the cloak…

…and then the breath in his ear, “Touch me.”

There’s fumbling, Sirius’ hands trembling like an addict. Then trousers are open, and Harry’s bum is in his hands, and they rut – all shivers and exhales – against the wall, invisible, Harry smiling at how bad Sirius needs it.

It’s inevitable that Sirius takes it in his mouth. He’s so hungry, after all. He gets himself off sucking Harry’s prong. Harry sighs over him, his name prayer-like.

Harry’s come on his tongue is what he’s waited for. He spends half his life as a dog, the other half waiting, nocturnal. Sirius wasn’t a criminal before, but Azkaban made him one. Now he steals food, time, sex, innocence.

Harry draws him up, kisses him sweetly, promises he’ll return soon.

The cloak sifts over Sirius’ closed eyes. Harry’s footsteps echo away, and even the pale comfort of Sirius’ lust deserts him.


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