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Title: The Glittering Snitch
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Harry/Hermione, (Hermione/Ron, pre-Harry/Draco)
Rating: R
Words: 100x6
Challenge Prompt: [community profile] harry100's 211 -- Capture
Summary: Harry helps a brother out in the oral department.
Disclaimer: I own jack shit.

The Glittering Snitch )
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Title: Addict
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: R
Words: 100x2
Written for: [community profile] harry100's prompt, "spooky", although it reads like I misread the prompt as "angsty".
Warnings: Angst, godfather/godson, chan (Harry's age unspecified)
A/N: Not a happy ending, this. Not, like, character death or anything, but definitely a bit of a downer. Maybe I'll try to do another one that's happy for this prompt this weekend.

Sirius’ new hideout is the passage from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade. )
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Title: Pages
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Characters: Harry, Sirius (some UST), James/Sirius UST, Sirius/OFC
Rating: R
Challenge Prompt by [community profile] harry100 205: dreamless sleep
Words: 100x7
Summary: Harry reading Sirius' diary.
Warnings: Angst

Harry picks up the book, unable to sleep. )
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Title: Never Say Never
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: hard R
Challenge Prompt: #124 -- 'never say never' on [community profile] harry100. Forgive the unimaginative title!
Words: 100
Warnings: chan (unless you want to read it AU, which is fine by me), godfather/godson

“I said I’d protect you.”

“And you have.”

“I told them your best interests would come first.”

Harry smiled. “Well, I say *this* is in my best interests.”

“How the bloody hell would you know?” Sirius groused. But he let Harry work his trousers open and press his face to his growing cock. Harry mouthed at it, pulled at the cotton with his teeth. “I told them I’d never—“ Sirius began, dick aching for Harry to suck it.

“Never say never,” Harry warned impishly. And then he pulled Sirius’ pants down, catching the heavy cock in his open mouth.
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Title: Rest
Author: [personal profile] traintracks/[profile] traintracks777
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: R
Words: 100
For: [community profile] harry100's prompt #107: mask
Warnings: chan (during OotP), godfather/godson

My mask drops here – my schoolbooks, my wand, my robes. I drop my glasses onto the table, drop my arse into a chair and close my eyes.

I drop my inhibitions.

Sirius walks up behind me, strokes my hair. “I didn’t expect you so soon.”

The rest of the Order isn’t here. It’s just us: dusty silence, a warm fire, Sirius’ fingers drifting down my neck.

It’s boots on the stairs, his bed turned down.

It’s my hands at his trousers, his breath in my ear.

It’s touch and shove and rhythm and release.

It’s knowing I can finally rest.
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Title: Champagne Roses
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Gary/Daniel
Rating: Hard R
Words: 350
Written for [community profile] mmom's day 10 and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt "This is SOOOOOO wrong, but I don't care." Although, I didn't deliver on the last bit -- just the wrong part.
Warnings: RPS, age difference
A/N: This is set backstage at Daniel's performance of "Equus" (in which he's very naked for anyone who didn't know that, so go Google it!)

It was so wrong: handing Daniel a bouquet of champagne roses with the same hand he’d jacked himself off with just moments before in the men’s room. )
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Title: Beginning/Ending
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Rating: R
Words: 635
Written for: [community profile] mmom: day 5 and [personal profile] elrhiarhodan's prompt: "Harry/Sirius: I can see you, Harry."
Warnings/Enticements: Chan, masturbation, godfather/godson (Harry wishes).

It began with the slow touch of his own hand down his stomach. )
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Title: Out of the Cave
Author: [personal profile] traintracks
Pairing: Sirius/Harry (UST)
Rating: R
Challenge Prompt: [community profile] harry100's "Shock".
Words: 100x7
Summary: Harry visits Sirius at the cave.
Warnings: Underage Harry (14), godfather/godson UST.

He had looked bad before, but the shock of Harry seeing him now – ragged, unwashed, surrounded by decomposing rat carcasses – is almost too much to stomach. )


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